How does this work?

One can make a request by visiting the request page or contacting us. After receiving a request, we anonymously post it to our WhatsApp group of volunteers. Then, if any volunteers are available, they privately message the dispatcher who posted the request in order to coordinate the logistics of the request.

What are your COVID-19 health precautions?

All of our medical questions are asked to public health officials or doctors in the community.

  • All volunteers must wear masks and gloves/hand sanitizer while volunteering.

  • If one has had contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they must be cleared by public health officials to leave isolation before they may volunteer.

  • If one is displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, they may not volunteer.

  • When delivering items to someone, leave the items at the front door, and call the person to tell them that they are there. Do not go inside and do not touch the doorbell. If they need to give you a cheque or cash (which we try to avoid whenever possible), please treat it as contaminated.

Why do you have a 15 item limit?

Our volunteers are giving up their precious time to help others, but we have found that more than 15 items is too much of a burden on them. It is better to make more frequent smaller requests.

Which areas do you cover?

We focus on Bathurst-Lawrence, Clanton Park, Thornhill, and Thornhill Woods. We can try to help outside of these areas, but it is more difficult to find volunteers.


What will this cost me?

Nothing! All products are paid for by the requester; all you do is keep people safe!

Are there any incentives for volunteering?

Besides for the great benefit of keeping people safe, we are raffling off 3 Amazon gift cards among our volunteers every week!

Do you have masks and gloves?

Yes! Please contact us for pickup information.

Can this count as volunteer hours?

Absolutely! Please contact us if you need us to certify your hours. We also have a page on LinkedIn, so that you can add your volunteer experience there.


What does this service cost?

Nothing more than what you purchase; the service is free! However, for some forms of payment for items purchased, a credit card fee of 2.5% is charged. Details on the request form.

I can't afford groceries; can I get them for free?

Unfortunately, we cannot sponsor groceries at this time. Please do not pressure our amazing volunteers for this either, as it is not fair to them.

How far in advance should I make my request?

Making your request a day or two in advance is helpful and makes it more likely that we will be able to find a volunteer. Requests that are needed by the end of the week should ideally be made by Wednesday, as it is difficult to find volunteers on Fridays.

Can I request non-kosher items?

No, only kosher items may be requested.

I want to cancel my request.

Please call us as soon as possible!

Please contact us with any other questions!